Nixy Newport G2 10’6” Standup Paddleboard Review

Nixy Newport G2 inflatable SUP - inflatation deflation valve at the nose for easy checking

Nixy Newport G2 10’6 SUP













  • Fusion Core offers increased rigidity
  • Super durable construction for all-around use
  • Wheely backpack with large bag compartment
  • Tool-less tri fin set up fast and effective
  • Different color options available


  • Only one handle in the center of the board, personally we would have loved to see a rear launching handle also
  • SUP paddle could be improved

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Is this the best inflatable paddleboard? The family behind the company Nixy certainly thinks so! They have designed and manufactured the Nixy Newport G2 10’6” all-around standup paddleboard.

This SUP has been constructed so well, offers great performance and stability, and comes with some impressive accessories, making this Nixy paddleboard package deal just unbelievable.

Read on to find out all the details and what we really think about this board.


Length 10’6”
Width 33”
Thickness 6”
Weight 17 lbs
Weight Capacity 300 lbs

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Nixy Newport G2 10'6 inflatable standup paddleboard SUPHardboards beware there is a revolution on its way, and this time it’s a fusion ready to ignite! The Nixy Newport G2 revolutionizes the way we think of a dual layer inflatable paddleboard.

By using the same variety of layers, but by fusing them by machine directly to the core. Means we are left with a stiffer more rigid construction which is perfectly finished and 30% lighter than a hand bonded manufacturing technique.

Starting with a high tensile reinforced drop stitch core, capable of 20 PSI of pressure. This is then fused with the first layer of PVC before adding a second outer layer which has been designed for extra durability. The whole of this process is completed by computer and high-pressure fusing of the materials to leave a zero leak rate and a perfect finish each and every time.

The outside rails are then wrapped in 2 layers of PVC banding fashioned to keep the boards form super stiff and tenacious. What you are left with is an absolute marvel of a board, one of the stiffest and best built on the market, easily rivaling the best brands for build quality. The Nixy Newport G2 all-around inflatable SUP has really been designed and manufactured with the best construction method, while still keeping a light construction!

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Nixy Newport G2 inflatable paddleboard - large EVA deck padDeck Pad

The one thing we all love is a bit of comfort, and the Newport G2 SUP from Nixy has to be one of the most comfortable boards we have ever ridden.

First off the large oversized deck pad offers an absolutely huge amount of coverage. This means you can really go for a stroll, changing your stance to get in the best position. Be careful though! With this much padding, it’s easy to relax a little too much and next thing you know you’ve dozed off for forty winks.

NIXY Newport G2 All Around Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Package. Ultra Light 10'6 Board Built with Advanced Fusion Laminated Dropstitch TechnologyThe super soft EVA traction pad has been designed in a grooved diamond pattern with the added crocodile skinned texture covering, to give the utmost grip no matter how wobbly the water.

Another really nice addition is the choice of colors available. With so many inflatable paddleboards on the market, it really means you can choose. Either to pick something and stand out from the crowd (or to be more incognito). Each colorway is styled in a two-tone pattern which adds a touch of class to the look and design of the board.

D-rings + Bungee

Nixy Newport G2 inflatable paddleboard - lots of D rings for storageWhen someone says cargo you immediately think of big, bulky freight on a ship, or those trousers with more pockets than you could ever reasonably fill with stuff.

Luckily for you, Nixy has kept the cargo area sleek and uncompromising, enough to be useful but not enough to be a hindrance. While we are on the subject of D-rings the Nixy Newport paddleboard is equipped with 8 in total.

Utilizing four well-placed D-rings along with some strong bungee gives you a tidy storage area perfect for tucking your essentials under. The fitted D-rings also make ideal places for clipping a deck bag or net in case you want to carry a little more on your SUP adventure.

There are another 2 in the center of the board these are for attaching an optional kayak seat. Just in case you want to mix things up a little. On the underside of the nose, the guys from Nixy have included a towing D-ring so you can safely tow the board either behind another board or a boat for traveling further afield.

At the tail you can see the final D-ring quiet and unassuming, this delightful chap is especially for your board leash. Designed to be out of the way until you most need it.


Nixy Newport G2 inflatable SUP - 3 fin setup for cruiser and all-around paddleboardThree fins for thrice the fun, well we certainly think so anyway.  Nixy has used a really solid tri-fin setup to best meet the many demands of its users.

Nixy uses a really simple tool-less fitting system, this allows users to switch their set up with ease. Simply slide the fin into its slot, then you can tighten with the oversized thumb screws. Once attached the fins felt stable and solid, with no excess movement or even hint of a wiggle.

Nixy Newport G2 inflatable SUP - 3 fin setup with easy switching from cruiser to all-around paddleboardWe especially loved the option of changing on the fly between a stable cruiser, using the oversized center fin solo or adding the two outer fins to build an all-around paddleboard without even breaking a sweat.

The included fins are built from a tough nylon, they are designed to bounce and take abuse without resulting in permanent damage. This interchangeable fin setup is really well thought-through and can easily switch the Nixy Newport from an all-around to cruiser paddleboard and back!


Nixy Newport G2 inflatable SUP - inflatation deflation valve at the nose for easy checkingInflating the Newport SUP from Nixy is an easy affair, once you realize they have moved the inflation valve.

Almost every paddleboard company positions their inflation valve on the tail of their board, with a kinda out of sight out of mind approach. Each company, of course, has their own reasoning for this. Nixy decided to go against the grain and be a little different. By positioning the Newport valve on the nose means it is always in sight, so you can easily see if the cap has twisted off. It also means you can’t catch your leash on the cap and makes climbing back onto the board from the tail a little more comfortable.

Nixy Newport G2 inflatable paddleboard - Bravo 4D dual action high pressure SUP pumpNixy recommends an optimal pressure of 15-20 PSI. This obviously depends on the weight of the rider with lighter paddlers able to use less pressure and still get the super solid feeling. For heavier riders, it is worth experimenting if you feel a slight flex at 15 PSI.

For deflating the board the front valve is a stroke of genius, simply undo the cover then twist the valve open and you can roll up your board starting from the fins. This means that if you choose to leave your fins in place they will be in the center of the roll and safely protected from bumps and bangs of traveling.

Overall Performance

Nixy Newport G2 10'6 inflatable paddleboard - great overall performance for beginner and advanced SUP riderSo from the outside, the Newport G2 10’6” looks and feels like a premium paddleboard. But what we weren’t expecting was the performance too. Once on the water we were absolutely shocked by its performance, we were almost in tears. We really wanted to like this board as much as we liked the package.

On the water, the Newport G2 was even better than we had imagined, feeling rock solid underfoot the fusion core really giving the extra stiffness and rigidity they had promised.

As we stepped on the board the stable feeling was evident right from the start. The ease of glide and tracking was something we had hoped for with the tri-fin set up holding and gripping the water to keep her straight and true.

We managed to try the Nixy all-around board both on the flat cruising with friends and then at the beach in some small waves, even though it isn’t a surf specific board. Due to its super rigid form, it held its own turning and maneuvering well but did struggle a bit in the whitewash. As we said, it’s not made for the ocean. It belongs on the rivers and lakes.

For a beginner, the Nixy Newport is a board you could grow old with, for us it was love at first sight. The stability and features alone are enough to inspire confidence and build your skillset. Even for the intermediate rider, someone who may have owned a budget board and looking to upgrade. The Nixy Newport G2 would be ideal with enough left to give to take you anywhere, a true all-around design.

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Now we all know the paddle is a pretty important aspect of the stand-up paddleboard it’s kinda in the name. Without it, you will be left at the mercy of nature to push you aimlessly around and off into the horizon with no way of return. You may even be captured by pirates and lost forever!

So the team at Nixy have included the perfect anti-pirate device with every Newport board. It’s a little on the heavy and cheap side but it’s better than nothing.

The aluminum three-piece SUP paddle is the ideal tool to get you going. It offers a good level of adjustment to suit a range of riders with a simple locking system to make adjustments easy. The blade is made of a tough nylon material, just like your Newport board, the paddle is tough and really durable perfect for shallow waters or for kids.

Once you have finished, the paddle breaks down easily into three pieces and slots neatly into the outer slot of the bag for safe keeping.


A really nice addition to this superb package is the exquisite high-quality leash which comes included. A leash can be the difference between a long tiresome swim and quickly reattain your board ready to go again. The guys at Nixy have already had their fair share of falling off boards so really understand it’s importance.

The included leash has been designed with the SUP-er in mind, long enough to reach the rear D ring no matter where you are on the deck. The soft cuff fits the ankle snugly and comfortably even with extended use.

This hybrid leash contains both coiled and straight elements, to really offer you the best of both. Sitting nicely on the rear deck out of the water but not elasticated enough to rocket the board back at you in the event of an impressive spill.

We love that they include a leash from the offset as it teaches good habits to any beginner paddler.


Nixy Newport G2 10'6 inflatable paddleboard - Bravo 4D dual action high pressure SUP pumpWe were pleased to see the addition of the dual action Bravo 4D pump. Built as an aftermarket product but brought in by a few companies, the pump is actually one of the best we have used.

With many boards at this price point offering basic single-action pumps we were truly impressed by the addition of such a high-quality piece.

The Bravo pump offers both dual action and single action capabilities being able to switch between the two means. You can start with dual action for increased volume on each stroke and then when this becomes too difficult you can switch over to high pressure to really work it up to your preferred pressure.

Nixy recommends a pressure of 15-20 PSI for the Nixy Newport G2 10’6 paddleboard, but we certainly recommend testing at lower pressures first as we were very impressed with its rigidity and if it feels good it will save you valuable time pumping.

We were able to get the board inflated in about 6-8 minutes which was very admirable for a large board. The pressure gauge on the pump is simple but very accurate meaning you can get your desired pressure each and every time.

Nixy Sports also offers one of the best electric SUP pumps with some great features like automatic shut-off and a large pressure gauge. So if you get tired thinking of blowing up a paddleboard, just get this 12 V electric pump! Easy-peasy!

Nixy Newport G2 10'6 inflatable paddleboard - backpack that fits SUP paddle pump and more for easy transporting


We are huge fans of portability. Being able to take your new board everywhere is an absolute must. Whether you go to the beach, the lake even when you go on holidays. We firmly believe your board should always be to hand.

By the looks of things, Nixy wheely, wheely, wheely agree! The luxury bag included with the Newport G2 board is absolutely stunning. It’s got more wheels than a runaway train and just begs you to tow it along.

Nixy Newport G2 10'6 standup paddleboard - backpack with 3 roller wheels for easy transportingFrom the outside, the bag oozes quality, usually only associated with premium priced paddleboards. But this mid-priced paddleboard really is packed full of surprises. The bag is large, with an outer pocket ideally sized for holding your pump, repair kit, leash, and any other small accessories. On the outside of the bag is a space designed especially for holding your break down paddle securely.

Then you can find a large double zip that opens the bag up completely to stow your rolled up board comfortably on its own. This is really a much easier option than trying to cram everything into the main compartment

Nixy Newport G2 10'6 standup paddleboard - backpack with 3 roller wheels for easy transportingAs we turn the bag around first thing you notice is the tough, lasting fabric designed to travel, with 2 large padded backpack straps. The four large handles are situated across the bag and really make hauling the bag simple.

Now we come to the wheely good part. On the bottom of the bag, you will spot the three large wheels. Designed to spread and distribute the weight, the wheels are large enough to handle a variety of terrain and quiet enough to pull through the airport. By using wheels on the lower of the bag really makes the bag super portable and really easy to use and lug around.

Repair Kit

Probably the most underused accessory included with the Nixy board. A tidy repair kit can be found inside the orange pod. This includes a couple of patches, tube of glue and a valve wrench. If you want to keep things super tidy we recommend adding a pair of latex gloves, a small piece of sandpaper and a small brush to the mix so then you are ready to repair absolutely anywhere.


So let’s get straight to the cut of it, this Nixy Newport G2 10’6 paddleboard came to us as an outsider, it held a reasonable price point and we weren’t honestly expecting anything special.

We were proven wrong, in an almighty torrent, we were left jaws hanging standing in awe over the incredible workmanship and accessories (maybe minus the paddle) we even had to find a computer to make sure we had read the price correctly.

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This is easily one of the best inflatable paddleboards in its class, simple but well built and unbelievably comfortable. Maybe the general thought was that this was the black sheep going against the grain giving you everything you need but at a lower price point than others.

The Nixy Newport SUP comes with a really good 2-year warranty proving the trust the team has in their product.

This was a really nice surprise for us and has certainly paddled its way towards the top of our favorite paddleboard’s lists. Easy to set up and performing as well as any premium board all set in a great well-priced package what isn’t there to love about it.


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