NIXY 12V DC Electric SUP Pump Review

Nixy Sports Electric SUP Pump - Blow up your paddleboard quickly

NIXY Electric SUP Pump




Pressure Range





  • The auto-off function is one of the best features
  • Rubber feet will keep the pump stable and in place
  • Large gauge can be seen easily at a glance
  • The storage bag is large and easy to load
  • The design is simple and easy to use


  • The Auto Shutdown feature only works on inflation mode, for deflation please pay attention

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So you have an inflatable stand up paddleboard but you really have a pain in your back from constantly pumping it up. The hardest part of any day out is the setup. What good is a day on the water when you are already tired from pumping?

Don’t worry Nixy Sports have come to your rescue.

Introducing the Nixy 12V DC electric stand up paddleboard pump, designed and built by stand up paddleboard specialists at Nixy Sports. By utilizing this newest portable and powerful electric pump, you’ll make your day on the water so much easier.

Read on to find out just why we loved this latest electric pump so much.


Dimensions 11.6” x 5.3” x 6.3”
Hose Length 4’4″
Power Cord Length 10′
Pressure 1 – 20 PSI

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How does it work?

Nixy Sports 12 V Electric SUP PumpInflatable stand up paddleboards have certainly been the perfect addition to the watersports industry. They offer affordable, portable fun for all the family. With so many boards on the market what can really set the company apart is its choice of accessories. We’ve seen some great additions from companies like iRocker and Red Paddle Co but the Nixy electric pump has really opened our eyes to the possibilities.

Why not just make getting on the water much easier?

The Nixy 12V DC electric pump is just the ticket, once you remove it from its bag simply attach your choice of power cord. Either attach directly to your vehicle battery or into your car’s cigarette lighter socket. Then simply twist the air hose into your board like your usual pump so it sits securely. Now select your desired pressure and away you go.

Nixy Sports 12V Electric Paddle board PumpThis Nixy electric pump features both high volume and high-pressure modes. Luckily for you, this is all done automatically by the pump. Simply select your pressure and press go, the pump will then use its high-volume mode to quickly fill the board with air. Once the pump reaches a certain pressure it will automatically switch to a compressor mode to deliver a high pressure of air to get your board all the way up to 20 PSI.

Nixy Sports Electric Paddle board Pump - easy to useThe Nixy electric pump also then features an auto shut off mode. Your pump can work away on its own, switching off when it reaches the correct pressure. This is so not to risk damaging your board (or yourself) through over inflation.

This really means that all of the hard work is done for you, leaving you more time to enjoy the water.

Once finished the Nixy 12V DC electric pump can also be used to help aid deflation. You simply switch the outlet on which you attach the pump to. Your Nixy then will suck the air from the board to give you a super small board ready to roll up and stow away.

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What’s in the Carton?

Nixy Sports Electric SUP Pump - simple to useOpening a carton always feels a bit like a birthday present so here’s a spoiler outlining exactly what’s in the box, if you would rather not know then skip this section.

On opening the carton, you will find the 12V DC electric pump unit of Nixy Sports already safely housed in its storage bag alongside the power connections. One is designed to plug straight into a car’s cigarette socket whereas the 2nd is equipped with crocodile clips to attach to your car battery.

Next up is the air hose! All 4’4” of it coiled up to reach your board valve with its H3 type connection perfect for inflatable boards and kayaks.

Lastly, you will find the instruction manual, it is important to read through this before using the unit.

Handle and Feet

To make the electric SUP pump really easy to use, Nixy has been thoughtful enough to include a large plastic handle on the top of the unit. This makes portability and handling the unit really easy.

On the bottom of the unit, you can spot the 4 rubber feet. These are designed to grip so your pump stands firm whilst pumping. They will also protect your cars paintwork if you rest it on the vehicle.

Pressure Guage

The Nixy 12V DC electric pump is certainly been built with the user in mind. Whether you are inflating an inflatable kayak or standup paddleboard the Nixy electric pump is up to the task.

Positioned on the top of the unit you will spot a large easy to read pressure gauge. This is ideal to verify exactly how much pressure is in your boat/board at a glance.

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Nixy 12V Electric Pump Carry BagNixy Sports has a great line up of stand up paddleboards all equipped with great accessories and included travel and storage bags. The new Nixy 12v DC electric SUP pump is really no different. It’s sold with a handy storage bag right out of the box.

The bag is large enough to carry your pump and all of its accessories safely and comfortably. A large zippered opening makes removing the unit super easy and the large graphic makes it easy to spot.

Lastly, the bag is equipped with a comfortable shoulder strap to make carrying the unit extremely easy.

Time it takes

Let’s cut right to the chase, a 300-liter board will take about 10 minutes to pump up. This is actually a little slower than using a hand pump but we can think of a million alternative things we would rather be doing for 10 minutes than hand pumping.

Remember also the Nixy 12V DC electric pump uses an auto shut off feature so if you do decide to get changed or grab an ice cream, you can do so knowing that on your return your board will be ready to use and with the peace of mind that it won’t be damaged by over-inflating.


More information and price - Paddle Pursuits

Nixy has built some of our favorite boards always finishing well in our comparisons and now they have one of the best electric SUP pumps on the market!

Nixy 12V Electric Pump - Great to Blow up your SUPIn the past, we were happy to have any electric pump, even if it meant we needed to top it off by hand but this Nixy 12V DC electric pump has really changed our outlook on just how good an electric pump can, and should be.

As with all products Nixy has the pump covered by its solid 12-month warranty and trusts it will meet your needs.

If you want another electric pump this good you will be hard done by to find something. But this is certainly going to set the benchmark for what we expect from any electric pump coming to market.

Now pick up, pump up and enjoy!


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