Sroka Malibu 10’6 Inflatable SUP Review


Sroka Malibu 10’6 SUP













  • Fusion core technology saves 2kg on the overall weight of the board
  • Triple layered rails are strong and durable
  • The included bag is comfortable to carry and large enough for the board and accessories
  • Full-length deck pad offers a great level of control
  • Removable fins make storage and customisation easy


  • By using fabric tabs the board has fewer attachment points
  • Unfortunately, Sroka does not include a paddle or leash with the board

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Testing inflatable paddleboards used to be easy in the days when all boards were equal and any brand would build a board that paddles and performs like every other.

These days every SUP board is different, from styles, colours, shapes and materials. Sometimes the smallest change can create the biggest difference.

The three-time world champion Bruno Sroka is the man behind Sroka standup paddleboards and truly understands the difference between standing atop the podium and coming home in second place. That’s why he has put all of his years of experience into building the best boards for both novices and champions.

If you want to try paddleboarding then we really do have a treat in the Sroka Malibu 10’6″.

Read on to find out what really sets this board apart from the rest.


Length 10’6”
Width 32”
Thickness 6”
Weight 22 lbs
Weight Capacity 265 lbs



Sroka Malibu 10'6 inflatable standup paddleboard with Sroka carbon fibre paddleSroka already has a number of standup paddleboards on the market but with this latest Malibu 10’6″ SUP we have really stood up and noticed.

By incorporating a fusion core technology Sroka has managed to shave 20% of the weight off right from the get go and can guarantee a perfect finish every time. The tough PVC outer has come straight from the maritime industry, it has been a proven PVC in boat building for many years.

The rails of the Malibu 10’6″ have not only been doubled up but tripled up with three layers of the tough marine grade PVC for added protection and durability. This, in turn, adds stiffness to the board.

The result is a great looking board available in either blue or orange colourways with a beautifully designed top deck and a solid coloured hull. The Malibu 10’6″ is certainly one of the most attractive boards we have come across with sleek styling and warm colours to suit any style.

Deck Pad

Sroka Malibu 10'6 inflatable standup paddleboard - large deck pad with lots of tractionA deck pad is super important, it is your connection between you and the board it needs to provide comfort, support and traction.

The Malibu 10’6″ offers a two-tone deck pad in either orange or blue, which both looks great and gives a good amount of coverage running all the way to the tail to give ultimate control, even when wet. The deeply grooved design is supportive and padded, making it comfortable even for all day use.

D-rings + Bungee

Sroka Malibu 10'6 inflatable standup paddleboard - bungee and inflation valveUnlike many boards which boast up to 11 different D-rings, the Sroka Malibu 10’6 uses just two. One on the tail of the board for attaching your leash and a second on the underside of the nose. This can be used either for towing or tieing your board down to a roof rack or jetty.

The strong elastic gear storage area is secured by 4 fabric tabs instead of traditional D-rings this is lighter and lower bulk that makes rolling the board easier.


Sroka Malibu 10'6 inflatable standup paddleboard - removable tri fin setupWe have already discovered that to build a great all round board you really need a tri fin set up whereas for cruising a single fin will do.

The Malibu 10’6 has not disappointed giving the best of both with a fully removable tri fin set up meaning you can simply switch the board between being a cruiser or an all-around in just a few seconds.

Sroka Malibu 10'6 inflatable standup paddleboard - easy to set up the tri finsThe simple placement allows the board to turn and spin with ease before paddling off into the distance. Being able to remove all three fins also makes packing and storage easy.


Sroka has worked hard to combine the best materials and technologies to create a rock solid platform. Unlike many other SUPs, the valve is located at the nose of the board instead of the (more common) tail of the board. The big advantage of this position is that your leash won’t be stuck behind the valve.

Inflation of the Malibu 10’6 takes about 10 minutes using the supplied pump. At 15-17 PSI the Malibu has the look and feel of a performance board, super rigid and strong.

Deflation is quick and easy, after opening the valve and expelling the air the board will roll up easily to be stored inside its bag.

Overall Performance

Sroka Malibu 10'6 inflatable standup paddleboard - package with backpack and repair kit. Carbon fibre paddle is optionalOn the beach the Malibu 10’6 from Sroka looks incredible, its sleek design and colour scheme really sets it apart from the rest. The on-water performance is a marvel, the triple-layered rails really hold the air well and give the board a rigid feel that you would expect from any premium priced inflatable stand up paddleboard.

The Malibu 10’6″ on the water paddles like a dream its ability to switch between performance all round and day cruiser at a moments notice really sets this board apart. Just by switching the fin set up. The weight saving fusion core has saved 20% of the overall weight which means the board can be super nimble and easily switches rails to aid turning.

For a beginner we found the Malibu 10’6″ to be stable and predictable, the rigid form inspired confidence. The board tracked well yet still would offer the feeling that it just has so much more to offer.

As an intermediate rider, the board responded like a pro set up, easy to carve and fast enough to cruise comfortably the full-length deck pad made it easy to step back and turn the board on a dime.

We really loved the feel of the malibu 10’6″ it was a board that wanted to just keep on giving and can’t wait to take it on another adventure.



Sroka Malibu 10'6 inflatable standup paddleboard - light-weight carbon fibre paddleThe package of the Sroka Malibu 10’6 is supplied without a paddle so be sure to add one to your cart before checking out so you can hit the water straight away.

Although not included in the package, we had the chance to test a carbon fibre paddle of Sroka. If you’re interested in buying the Malibu SUP, make sure to choose a good quality paddle since that makes such a difference in comfort and experience. The Sroka carbon fibre paddle is light-weight and offers great performance!


Sroka Malibu 10'6 inflatable standup paddleboard - double action SUP pumpThe dual action pump is well built and convenient, it offers both high volume and high-pressure modes. This allows you to start by getting the maximum amount of air into the board then once the going gets tough, switch to the high-pressure mode to top it up to your desired pressure.

The pump fits neatly into the bag and will pump up the Malibu 10’6 in about 10 minutes quite easily and efficiently this means less time pumping and more time paddling.


Sroka Malibu 10'6 inflatable standup paddleboard - large backpack to carry the SUP board, pump, paddle and moreThe Sroka Malibu 10’6″ comes with some great coloured styling. Not to mention the stylish bag follows this style with a beautiful design from the board copied to the bag. The bag features backpack straps and enough space to store both your board and accessories with easy for ultimate portability wherever your travels take you.

Being able to pack up and load up the board is a huge advantage over many solid boards meaning you can carry easily on public transport or in the boot of a car with no need for additional racks or storage.

Repair Kit

Sroka includes a simple repair kit with each of their boards. This is designed to easily patch and get you back on the water as soon as possible. Each repair kit includes a couple of patches and a valve wrench. Be sure to check the parts and understand their use before you need to use it.

In all of our time riding, we have never needed to use a repair kit but it’s great to have “Just in case”.


Sroka Malibu 10'6 inflatable standup paddleboard - great desigh by Bruna SrokaWe have had the opportunity to test many great boards over the years and the Malibu 10’6” from Sroka is one of the best yet. Its sleek lines and shape are the perfect addition for any beginner looking to get out and enjoy the water without compromise. The board offers the performance we would expect from many top end boards and allows the perfect option for an intermediate rider looking for an all-around design.

The Malibu 10’6″ is the larger brother of the smaller 10’ edition and is capable of transporting an adult and child easily making it a great option for families. If you want a more nimble design or are smaller in stature definitely check out the Malibu 10’ for your next adventure.

We love how versatile the Malibu series has proven to be whether at the beach or on a lake the board really does give like any other performance board.

The 2-year warranty allows for peace of mind and shows a proven trust in the board by its manufacturers at Sroka.

The Malibu 10’6 inflatable stand up paddle board has quickly become a favourite of ours competing with the likes of the Red Paddle Co Ride series and really giving another option in the performance all round market.


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