iRocker Inflatable Standup Paddleboard Comparison

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iRocker Cruiser vs iRocker All-Around vs iRocker Sport

Wondering what the difference is between all these iRocker standup paddleboards?

Want to know who’s the best, well at least the best for you?

Well, you’ve started in a good place. Here we talk about the shape, performance, and sizes of these iSUPs. We’ll give an overview who’s the ideal rider for each and why.

iRocker Cruiser
iRocker All-Around
iRocker Sport
iRocker Cruiser 10'6" standup paddleboard iSUPiRocker Inflatable ALL-AROUND Stand Up Paddle Board iSUPiRocker Inflatable SPORT Stand Up Paddle Board iSUP
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iRocker as a company is relatively new to the inflatable paddleboard market but they are quickly rising to the top. All their boards are made with finesse and care. They are adamant their whole range is durable, sturdy boards and don’t skimp on their accessories.

They back their claims with a 2 Year Warranty and a hassle-free customer service team.

To start let’s talk about what all 3 inflatable paddle boards have in common to save time.

The Materials

iRocker’s whole range is made using drop stitching for the core and reinforced durability with a military grade triple layer PVC. It means that as the board becomes inflated, it becomes stronger and stronger. This strength brings out durability and stability. You’ll hardly notice a mark if you were to hit a submerged log. The stability comes from the rigid feeling the high-pressure inflation give the board – it’s on par with a hardboard. Inflatable paddleboards are really good for most paddlers!


iRocker Cruiser - double action high-pressure pumpPump – Included in all iRocker SUP packages is a high-pressure double action pump. Supporting a few fine features, one being that it has an easy to read pressure gauge. It’s also lightweight, making it hardly noticeable in your pack. The double action feature means that you can change the pumping action back to single if you are feeling too much resistance at the higher pressures.

Leg Rope / Leash – If you’ve ever experienced a leg rope snapping you’ll agree it’s possibly one of the most daunting few seconds of your life. Lucky iRocker makes 10’ coiled leashes that stretch 5x their coiled length, meaning they would be almost impossible to snap. It also absorbs a large amount of tension so you don’t get a board hurtling back towards you if you fall off. The ankle holder is extremely comfortable and has a stash spot for your keys.

Repair Kit – In the kit, you’ll find a valve wrench, 2 patches, and glue (The glue is dependent on shipping requirements).

iRocker Inflatable ALL-AROUND Stand Up Paddle Board Aluminum paddle and leashFiberglass Paddle – If you purchase the iRocker Cruiser, Sports or All-Around, you get an adjustable fiberglass paddle. While fiberglass paddles aren’t the best available, the iRocker version is one of the better ones. It adjusts from 67” – 85” with an easy dual pin locking system.

We haven’t ever nor heard anyone having problems with the joints slipping which is common with cheaper paddles at their break down points. It can be broken down into 3 pieces measuring only 35” once it has, fitting perfectly in the pack. You’ll hardly notice the paddle in the pack either weighing in at only 2 lbs.

Don’t let the lightweight feature deter you from the durability though, this paddle is tough enough to push off objects without entirely ruining the blade. The lateral dihedral angled blade is ideal for ultimate propulsion in the water and helping reduce flutter.

iRocker Cruiser SUP backpack - all fits easily - iSUP paddle pump
iRocker Cruiser and All-Around backpack

The Bag (Cruiser and All-Around) – Again the cruiser and all-rounder range package get the upgraded version of accessories. The bag you receive to transport your Cruiser or All-Around in is one of the better quality packs. No more aches with full back and shoulder support, you’ll comfortably be hiking if you choose to do so.

Inside the backpack is cinching straps to help keep gear it all one place. In cheaper bags sometimes you can feel things poking through but not with this one! There’s plenty of padding.

Best of all is all the room inside the bag, there’s nothing more frustrating than trying to squeeze your SUP into a bag that’s too small. Plenty of room for all your gear – board, pump, paddle – and then some!

iRocker Inflatable SPORT Stand Up Paddle Board - backpack
iRocker Sport backpack

The Bag (Sports Only) – While the bag does a great job of storing your SUP this bag you won’t want to use for long trips. There’s a lack of support throughout the whole bag. Comfort is important too. Even if you pack it well, the material is fairly thin, so you tend to feel your gear on your back. Saying all of this, if you are only using it to get your SUP from the car to the shore it’s a brilliant bag. It still has been made with durable qualities and easily fits all your gear.

Eva Deck Pad – For your comfort and added stability, each board features an EVA diamond groove deck pad. These deck pads are clouds beneath your feet and will help keep you from slipping off. Also advantageous for dogs, children or kneeling!

iRocker Inflatable SPORT Stand Up Paddle Board - Eva deck pad, d-rings, storageD-Rings And Storage Space – On all of their boards there are 4 stainless steel D-rings on the deck for attaching the kayak seats (see below). Additionally, there is 6 more on the Cruiser and All-rounder with bungee cords for storage space. On the Sport, there is only 4. Then, of course, a ring at the end of each board for your leg rope!

Optional Kayak Bundle – As an optional extra purchase you can get the kayak bundle. All iRocker boards can accommodate the bundle. In the bundle, you get an attachable seat – which all boards have 4 D-rings to attach the seat onto. You also get an extra blade that can be inserted on the end of any iRocker Paddle. Once everything is set up you have yourself a sit-on-top kayak! It’s a fantastic, versatile option to have. Sometimes you just feel like sitting down!

Now onto a bit more about the iRocker boards

The iRocker Cruiser


Length 10’6”
Thickness 6”
Width 33”
Weight 25lbs
Capacity 350 lbs

iRocker Inflatable CRUISER Stand Up PaddleboardThe iRocker Cruiser standup paddle board is made for cruising. Funny that!

The main feature on the board that makes it different from the rest is the extra wide tail. This gives the utmost stability out on the water. Making it a fantastic board for beginners or doing these like Yoga.

Much like the rest of the iRocker SUP family, the Cruiser features 3 fins. The upside is the assistance in stability and control. Especially from the large center tracking fin (which is removable). The downside is side fins can produce drag in flat water but with a tail this wide, the drag would have already been a thing!

It can accommodate a range of riders taking up the 350 lbs. Which can include some extra gear if you are doing a full day of adventuring. The tie downs on the nose of the board also mean your gear is kept safe and dry.

It’s ideal for flatwater conditions as it glides smoothly through the water with its large body surface. It does lack a little speed in comparison to the other models but if it’s a comfortable leisurely paddle you are after, the iRocker Cruiser is the board for you.


  • Stability is 10/10
  • Beginner friendly
  • Great for paddleboard yoga
  • Accommodates all types of riders
  • Upgraded version of backpack and paddle


  • Only one color available
  • Slower than the rest of the range

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The iRocker All-Around 10’ & 11’


Length 10’ 11’
Thickness 6” 6”
Width 32” 33”
Weight 22lbs 24 lbs
Capacity 350 lbs 385 lbs

iRocker Inflatable ALL-AROUND Stand Up PaddleboardMoving onto the iRocker All-Around. iRocker has brought out two sizes: 10’ and 11’.

When making a board that’s a jack-of-all-trades it’s a good idea to include some variability in size, it gives people the option to get the most out of their board. Why can’t you get this otherwise? Because All-Around boards do tend to compromise in certain areas so they can suit all conditions. If you are compromising on speed or maneuverability, it can mean that the stability of that board can be affected. So larger riders may find the boards hard to use. Having an 11’ to jump up to solves this problem.

The 10’ iRocker All-Around

The 10’ version still accommodates a good level of riders with the max capacity sitting around 350 lbs. It’s got a narrower tail than the Cruiser but a wider nose and body than the Sport.

The narrower tails mean you’ll have more speed and maneuverability than the iRocker Cruiser. You can even give it a go in small waves! The wider nose and body than the iRocker Sport means that beginners will still find the board easy to use.

The tri fin setup helps give the board its performance in small waves or choppy conditions. But it would be better if you could detach the side fins as well as the center fin for flat water. Same goes for the 11’.

The 11’ iRocker All-Around

The 11’ will obviously be more stable especially for bigger riders. Its max capacity is 385lbs.

A drawback with the little extra length is maneuverability. It’s more effort to turn a bigger SUP so won’t happen as quickly or as sharp. Though if you are comparing speed, the 11’ does gain and hold momentum better than the 10’.

Putting the 11’ All-Around up against the 11’ Sport you’ll notice the Sports body is much narrower. You’ll go faster on the Sport but you’ll feel more stable on the All-Around board.

♦ iRocker All-Around 10’ iSUP:


  • Versatile for conditions
  • Wide nose and body for stability
  • Maneuvers well
  • Color choice (White or blue)


  • Only center fin is removable (for a better all-rounder experience all should be removable)
  • Depending on the skill level you may feel the drag

♦ iRocker All-Around 11’ iSUP:


  • Speedier than the 10’
  • Lots of volume for bigger riders
  • Stability
  • Color choice (White or blue)


  • Loss of maneuverability with extra length
  • Some riders feel side fins cause drag

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The iRocker Sport


Length 11”
Thickness 6”
Width 30”
Weight 22lbs
Capacity 385 lbs

iRocker Inflatable SPORT Stand Up PaddleboardNow a range of SUP’s wouldn’t be complete without a fast board would it?

The iRocker Sport is the zippy member of the iRocker family. It’s got a narrow body and pointed nose that helps slice through the water with little resistance. Comparing this racer to others you may notice the body is a little wider than others (more likely to be around the 28” or 29”). So this isn’t the fastest SUP out there but definitely one of the easiest to paddle.

If you are a total beginner we wouldn’t recommend using this as your first board because it’s definitely less stable than the rest of the range. For a faster style board, it’s one of the most stable of its kind though.

Compare the Sport to the Cruiser and even those it’s longer, you’ll find it performs better in surf/choppy conditions. The pulled in tail lets the board turn effortlessly so long as you’re paddling is on point!

The downside of this board is the package that’s been sold with the board currently includes the lower quality accessories. Though iRocker announced the new 2018 range will all include the higher quality paddle and bag.


  • Fastest board of the range
  • Easy to paddle (For non-beginners)
  • Maneuvers the best out of all the boards
  • Color choice (White or blue)


  • Low-quality paddle and bag
  • Less width would make it faster

More information and price - Paddle Pursuits

The iRocker Comparison in a Nutshell


If you are wanting something super stable to start out on and not concerned about trying yourself out in testing conditions yet, choose the iRocker Cruiser.

If you want stability but versatility also, go for the iRocker All-Around. If you are a bigger rider go for the 11’.

Intermediates and above

The iRocker 11’ Sport is a fantastic board. Don’t let the length deter you, once you feel how responsive this board is, you’ll fall in love. It’s got the speed without taking too much stability.


iRocker’s range is one of the more inclusive lines on the iSUP market. They also have some of the highest quality accessory packages. You can get better SUP’s but not at this price. The value for money is the real seller.

They accommodate to all types of riders and we wouldn’t be surprised if their boards outlast some of your hardboards.

Using this comparison we know you’ll find the right SUP for you from their range. If you do have any more questions or feeling very confused, please feel free to reach out and we’ll do our best to guide you in the right direction.


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