Aquaglide Cascade 11′ Standup Paddleboard Review

Aquaglide Cascade 11' inflatable standup paddleboard

Aquaglide Cascade 11' SUP













  • Tough rugged backpack design
  • Solid stable board
  • Use of the US fin box system
  • Plenty of D-rings to add extra accessories easily
  • Colors are stylish and great looking


  • Traditional pad is smaller than other brands
  • Single fin option does limit the board to more cruising and less all-round
  • No paddle has been included in the package

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You probably already have heard of Aquaglide since they are a very well-known brand with over 30 years of experience in the inflatable industry. In this review, we’ve tested the Aquaglide Cascade 11’ inflatable standup paddleboard.

The Aquaglide Cascade 11’ paddleboard has come to us with some huge expectations, we are so excited to finally get the board on the water to see if it is a match for the rest of the lineup of Aquaglide.

Read on to find out what we think. Should you buy this Cascade 11’? While you’re at, seeing as they make them as well, maybe buy a huge water trampoline too? Then invite us over for a party!


Length 11’
Width 32”
Thickness 6”
Weight 27 lbs
Weight Capacity 230 lbs

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Aquaglide Cascade 11' inflatable SUPBuilding on many years of experience, Aquaglide truly understands the importance of durable inflatable paddleboards. Aquaglide know the types of use and abuse it will be subjected to and are under no illusions that materials can be skimped on.

That is why the Cascade 11’ paddleboard has been built with durability in mind. The high-density drop stitch core is the key to this SUP holding its shape and rigidity even when subjected to over 18 PSI of pressure. Over the drop stitch core, Aquaglide has used a high-grade PVC designed to almost bomb proof and withstand whatever you want to throw at it.

On the underside you can spot Aquaglides own powerstrip, the idea of this is to further increase the board’s rigidity and offer extra durability on the hull of the board.

The double band rail is very strong and super durable so doesn’t mind bouncing off objects from time to time.

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Aquaglide Cascade 11' standup paddleboard with large EVA deck padDeck Pad

The deck pad of the Aquaglide Cascade 11’ inflatable paddleboard is large, using an EVA foam in a diamond cross-section pattern to provide ample grip and responsiveness even when wet. The soft foam also provides some much needed cushioning against the constant tapping of waves against the hull, this protects the knees and makes for a super comfy ride when sitting or kneeling.

The deck pad is colored to match the board, with a simple design the board is really stylish.

D-rings + Bungee

Aquaglide Cascade 11' inflatable standup paddleboard - many D-rings and bungee for storage and accessoriesAt first glance, you would be mistaken for seeing double, with so many D-rings on the Aquaglide Cascade you surely need a map to show you around. Well luckily we are here to help, let us be your guide.

Starting on the tail the first of ten deck rings is designed to securely attach a board leash, it’s positioned on the tail so it is out of the way and won’t be a trip hazard no matter how clumsy you are.

As we move forward towards the middle of the board, four D-rings provide the perfect accessory placement whether for a kayak universal seat or carrying strap, they are out of the way so you won’t fear to stand atop them.

Then moving forwards. The cargo area has been built with four D-rings positioned just in front of the deck pad, they use a strong bungee to complete the setup and provide the perfect space for storing stuff and flip-flops whilst out on the board.

As we reach the end of our tour with just one D-ring remaining, which is on the nose. This guy up front is perfect for being towed or mooring your board easily.

With so many D-rings the Aquaglide Cascade 11’ can easily be upgraded with a number of accessories to make your time on the water even more enjoyable.


Aquaglide Cascade 11' inflatable standup paddleboard - large single fin setupThe Cascade from Aquaglide is sold as an all-around board but unfortunately, once you spin it over you will notice it is only equipped with a single fin setup, typical of longer cruising paddleboards. Luckily the single fin actually runs on US fin box system. This means that it is easy to switch between different fins depending on the conditions.

An 8” fin is included in the Aquaglide Cascade 11’ SUP package, this is certainly long enough to cruise and track comfortably. But we would recommend picking up a second shorter fin for those other days on the water. Just be warned tho you will need a Phillips head screwdriver to change the fin and tighten. So be sure to keep one in your board bag for just the occasion.


Aquaglide Cascade 11' standup paddleboard - easy to inflate deflateAs with all inflatables, they need just the right combination of materials and air pressure to be most effective. Otherwise, you may be left with a glorified sun lounger.

Luckily for you, the team at Aquaglide are like French chefs when it comes to finding just the right mixture. A pressure of 15-18 PSI is recommended and this will create a super rigid platform for even the biggest of riders.

Aquaglide Cascade standup paddleboard - dual action high pressure pump includedIt is worth noting that a lighter rider could get away with as low as 12 or 13 PSI but its best to experiment with a lower pressure. It means less time pumping and more time paddling.

We did find that due to the size of the board, at 11 feet it is one of the higher volume all-around boards. So if you are using your board regularly it is certainly worth investing in an electric air pump or compressor to make it much easier to get on the water a little quicker.

Overall Performance

Paddling an inflatable stand up paddleboard has never been easier. Aquaglide has built a board that is simple to use and truly family friendly.

Aquaglide Cascade standup paddleboard - stylish design all-around SUPOnce pumped we set off punting across the shallows and out into the abyss. Underfoot the inflatable paddleboard felt stable, offering a surefooted reliability which we have come to trust. The SUP board ran well even into the wind, the large single fin allowing us to track and glide with ease. The Cascade was growing on us quickly as a Cruiser SUP that still offers plenty of stability.

The board we felt did lack a little maneuverability due to the single fin set up but with a shorter center fin, this will help.

We loved the fact that we could ride alongside a child or dog with the board still amazingly stable and rigid even with two people.

As a beginner, the Aquaglide Cascade 11’ really would suit a family looking for some fun or someone who wants to cruise and explore from the safety of a super stable platform.

In small chop the board did hold its line well, accelerating quickly with the extra length really helpful. But for sure it wouldn’t turn as quickly as other all-around paddleboards with a tri fin set up.

Overall the board felt solid and stable even at lower pressures, we could easily use the board as a cruiser for exploring and even overnight trips. A super stable set up perfect for the whole family.

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It is worth noting that Aquaglide did not include a paddle with the package, be sure to order one when purchasing so you can get out as soon as it lands. We all know there’s nothing worse than waiting for a key component to arrive, so don’t say we didn’t warn you (could be a common beginner mistake)! The positive of not having an included paddle in the package is that you choose your own preferred paddle. Instead of having to use an aluminum paddle, you can opt for a higher quality (and lower weight) carbon fiber SUP paddle or at least a fiberglass paddle. Some beginner SUP riders don’t realize it yet, but the SUP paddle does make a huge difference for your happy paddling!


Aquaglide Cascade 11' standup paddleboard - Bravo dual action high pressure pump includedInside the carton, you will find the extremely popular Bravo dual action pump. Over the past few years, this has really become the benchmark by which we measure all other pumps. It certainly isn’t the best on the market but it is very very good.

Easily switching between high volume and high pressure at the flick of a switch the Bravo pump is the ideal to help fill the vast volume quickly and efficiently.

Once the pumping gets tough you simply switch over to the high-pressure mode to make it easier, driving the air into the Aquaglide Cascade paddleboard.

Aquaglide Cascade 11' standup paddleboard - large backpack for the SUP paddle pump and more


The Cascade 11’ is readily equipped with a super rugged oversized backpack. The padded shoulder straps and waist belt make carrying the board an absolute breeze.

Stowing your board in its sack offers both versatility for transporting and some safety to your new prized possession allowing you to really take it anywhere.

Aquaglide Cascade 11' standup paddleboard - large backpack for the SUP paddle pumpThe outer fabric is heavy enough to take the abuse of traveling and its possible to stow the outer straps when traveling to make the bag less likely to catch on baggage trolleys. A simple outer bungee allows extra accessories to be stowed for short distances without having to open the whole bag.

Repair Kit

As always a simple repair kit is included with the Cascade. The team at Aquaglide understand better than most that accidents can happen at the worst possible moment and have included the simple repair kit for this very reason.

Included is a couple of patches and a valve wrench. It is certainly worth adding some latex gloves and tube of adhesive to this just so you are ready to repair as soon as disaster strikes.


The Aquaglide Cascade 11’ standup paddleboard is a result of over 30 years experience in the inflatables industry. Through their other work in the industry, it is easy to see why they make such a durable product, designed to really take all the abuse you can throw at it.

The Cascade 11’ SUP is definitely set to be a family favorite with so much going for it. The rigid stable design provides confidence and performance to really lap up the miles.

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Aquaglide Cascade 11' inflatable standup paddleboard - included paddle pump backpack repair kitAs an all-around paddle board we were a little disappointed but as a beginner Cruiser SUP, we were very impressed. The simple glide and good tracking kept the board moving right where we wanted to go. For a beginner, this is a great option for exploring and taking a look around.

For an intermediate rider, we definitely recommend something like the Nixy Newport G2 paddleboard as it is equipped with a solid tri fin set up that can be switched to a single fin if you want to explore.

Overall a really nice inflatable standup paddleboard at a good price point, fun for all the family no matter where your adventure takes you.


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