Gili Sports Adventure 11’ SUP Review

Gili Sports Adventure 11' inflatable paddleboard

Gili Sports Adventure 11' SUP













  • Lots of accessories can be added with the multitude of D rings
  • Carbon shafted paddle is lighter weight and strong
  • Comfortable and table design for everyone to enjoy
  • Color scheme is stylish and looks great
  • Ready to hit the water straight from the carton


  • Still a little wide to be a full on tourer but extra rocker definitely helps
  • Because of the rocker it does loose a little of its tracking but makes it super maneuverable

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Introducing the Gili Sports Adventure 11’ SUP, another masterpiece from the team behind the popular Gili Sports Air 10’6 have upped the ante with their 11’ tourer / cruiser. Building on the perfect platform to create a slightly bigger and even more fun board for all the family.

The specifications of this inflatable standup paddleboard are really promising, so read on to find out all the details and what we really think about this board.


Length 11’
Width 32”
Thickness 6”
Weight 19 lbs
Weight Capacity 290 lbs

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Gili Sports Adventure 11' inflatable SUPFrom the inside out the Gili Sports Adventure 11’ is, without doubt, one of the best-constructed mid-range paddle boards we have come across. Built on a sturdy drop stitch core they use of their own fusion technology.

The technique whereby they actually fuse the core to the PVC by machine whilst the iron is still hot. Leaving a perfect finish every time without deformations or bubbles that can occur in hand laminated boards.

The process actually creates a lighter weight board that is more rigid and defect free. By utilizing a dual layer of military-grade PVC gives the Adventure 11’ a solid feel that is incredibly durable.

Gili Sports have finished their board with a bright stylish graphic either in a yellow / grey or a blue / grey color-way. As you can see, we’ve tested the bright coloured yellow iSUP and it was attracting a lot of attention! The top deck design lets the board stand out from the crowd and can be easily seen.

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Deck Pad

Gili Sports Adventure 11' - oversized large EVA deck padThe top deck of the Adventure 11’ has been expertly covered with an extra large EVA foam deck pad complete with Gili Sports logo embossed for a super stylish look to finish the package.

As we have come to learn it’s not only the looks that are important but the performance, and in this case we are pleased to say it is perfect. Providing ample grip on the board whether riding barefoot or with shoes. The pad is comfortable for all day use and is big enough of you want to sit or lie on the board providing maximum cushioning for all day use.

D-rings + Bungee

Gili Sports Adventure 11' - front D rings for storageGili Sports have truly gone to town on the Adventure 11’ with an incredible 17 D rings positioned across the board in addition to 2 cargo areas.

Starting from the tail you will find your trusty leash attachment point right next to the valve. This is a must with any board for safety and security. In front of this, you will spot a set of 4 D rings. These are joined by a strong bungee to create a rear storage area which can be used for a cooler or other equipment you want to take with you. Across the center of the board, you will find a series of 6 D rings. These have been spaced with 3 on each side of the board to host a range of accessories.

Gili Sports Adventure 11' - lots of D rings for storage and accessoriesFrom kayak seats and footrests to carry straps, these extra attachment points give way to a number of optional extras available. Up front you will spy another gear storage area, this one has been comprised of the final 6 D Rings bringing the total upto 17.

One thing that really took our attention on this board is the use of two gear storage areas. Perfect to increase storage capacity and better balance for longer days on the water opening up the options for overnight trips.


Gili Sports Adventure 11' - tri fin set up with removable center finA general consensus would dictate that any board that really wants to be a great all-around paddleboard should be equipped with a tri fin set up.

The Adventure 11’ does exactly that with its large nylon 9 inch fin. Placed in the center providing the tracking and support whilst the two rubber outer fins provide the stability and grip to aid turning and maneuvering the board.

A nice feature of the Adventure 11′ is that the center fin is removable making storage super easy. The fin is fitted with a simple snap-lock system which requires no tools or special keys. Simply slot in the front and then drop the back of the fin into the slot before pushing over the lock for a solid fit.


Simply roll the board out and at the tail of the board, you will see the inflation valve. By opening the cap you will spot the standard inflation found on every board. They recommend a working pressure of 15 PSI.

Now carefully take your pumps inflation hose and push it into the valve and give it a twist, this will lock it into place and allow you to pump without having to also hold the hose.

Starting with the pump in high volume mode you will pump for a few minutes until the pressure starts building. By around 7 PSI you will need to switch the pump into high pressure mode this allows you to keep pumping right upto the recommended 15 PSI.

Of course deflation is super simple, by just pressing in the inner valve will release the air, turn the valve a quarter and it will stay open whilst you roll up your board. Once fully deflated remember to switch it back to stop the board expanding once stowed.

Overall Performance

Gili Sports Adventure 11' SUP - great overall performancePaddling a stand up paddleboard for the first time can be a daunting experience, simple things like launching and positioning the board to scramble on can be a challenge. Luckily the Gili Sports Adventure 11’ has been readily equipped with 3 hand grabs, front, rear and center to make handling the board super easy. If needed you can always get a friend to hold onto the board whilst you climb aboard.

Standing on the board is surprisingly stable with a good 32” width. The Adventure 11’ is comfortable from the off and can be paddled by both complete beginners or more advanced riders.

On the water, the board ran true tracking well with the large center fin working along with the tapered nose to pick its line and hang onto it. The dual cargo areas really allowed the board to be trimmed well when loaded with equipment.

Gili Sports Adventure 11' - great accessories includedWhen turning we found the board hung onto its rail and moved with confidence. This is most certainly due to its two outer thruster fins digging in to let the board turn evenly without pitching or wobbling.

We really loved how the board controlled being only a little larger than the 10’6 Air. It was nice to compare the two with the extra length of the Adventure 11’ both aiding a larger paddler and tracking slightly better. Don’t get us wrong you won’t be winning any grand prixs but it will cruise along merrily allowing you to take in your surroundings and enjoy being out in nature.

Overall the board certainly exceeded our expectation on the water, paddling with the feel of many premium boards.

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Gili Sports Adventure 11' SUP - quality carbon fiber paddle includedFor a package to be complete we would always expect to see a paddle included. Many people choose to upgrade their basic paddle for something lighter and nicer to use.

Gili Sports have already added extra value to their package by opting not to offer a basic aluminum shaft paddle and instead offering a much nicer carbon shafted paddle.

Carbon is a much stiffer and inherently lighter material than aluminium, and in the cool winter months the carbon is actually warmer on the hands. For peace of mind, the paddle is still equipped with a robust nylon blade which will take all of the abuse you can throw at it.


Gili Sports Adventure 11' SUP - coiled leashA simple coiled leash has been included with the Gili Sports Adventure 11’, this fits securely onto your ankle and attaches to the rear D ring of the board. A coiled leash is great for everyday use as it stops the leash trailing in the water. However, if it’s waves or surf you’re in we would recommend a straight or hybrid leash. It’ll just help to stop the board rebounding back at you when/if you come off.


Gili Sports Adventure 11' - dual action pump includedAn inflatable stand up paddle board without a pump is like giving a child an electric Christmas gift without the batteries. All the excitement is instantly extinguished when you realize you cannot use it, leaving you feeling sad and empty. Luckily for you, Gili Sports won’t be the Grinch of Christmas and have included a great dual action pump to make sure you can get your board up and on the water as easily as possible.

The included pump is much the same as many other manufacturers bravo style pumps, allowing a high volume of air to be injected quickly until you reach around 7 PSI. At this point you can switch it over to deliver high pressure easily getting you upto the recommended 15 PSI. The pump is nicely finished in the same blue / grey styling you will find across many of Gili Sports accessories.


Gili Sports Adventure 11' - comfortable backpack for transportIncluding a bag in a package is a must. Being able to stow your board and travel is exactly the reason most people love an inflatable SUP. A good bag is the difference between leaving a board in a garage or actually loading it into your trunk.

Luckily for you, Gili Sports have thought about what’s really needed and built a simple backpack with all the features we really need for hauling the board. First off the outer styling matches the board with an attractive grey sack featuring blue straps and trim.

Gili Sports Adventure 11' - large bag for board and all accessoriesThe bag has a huge zipper opening to allow easy stowing and unpacking as well as an internal cinch band for holding it steady. It’s large enough to fit all of your accessories and the shoulder straps are both padded and comfortable. A nice touch is the addition of a waist and chest strap to make carrying really comfortable.

For hauling, the bag has a simple handle on the top to lift it and drop into a trunk or van.


Having been able to test hundreds of boards we really get a feel for each board even before we get it on the water. The Adventure 11’ from Gili Sports was different straight from the off we were actually really surprised both in terms of the quality of the accessories and the boards performance on the water.

At the price, we have seen many single layer boards which paddle like a lilo but the Adventure 11’ with its dual layer PVC and Fusion Technology had the feel of a board retailing for twice the price.

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If you are looking for a more compact model then the Gili Sports also offer a 10’6 Air. It features a simple uncluttered deck with a huge traction pad making it a great option for those looking for a simpler ride or a bit of yoga.

Overall the Adventure 11’ has snuck its way up into our favourite all round inflatable stand up paddleboards with ease, Combining fun and ease of use we highly recommend taking one for a spin.


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