Thurso Surf Waterwalker 132 (11′) Standup Paddleboard Review

Thurso Surf Waterwalker 10'6 SUP - great design and large deck pad

Thurso Surf Waterwalker 11' SUP

Construction 9.2
Stability 9.2
Tracking 9.2
Accessories 9.5
Versatility 9.0


  • Top deck design is beautiful
  • Light weight carbon fiber paddle
  • All three fins are completely removable
  • Strong stable board perfect for a range of riders
  • Insulated cooler bag included in the package


  • Replacement fins are only available from Thurso Surf

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The 2021 Thurso Surf Waterwalker inflatable standup paddleboard is exactly what you have been waiting for, available in three sizes perfect for any sized SUP rider. Here we are looking specifically at the super popular Thurso Surf 132 Waterwalker 11′ model.

We’ve pumped and ridden numerous boards, through our rigorous testing regime. We are sure the Waterwalker from Thurso Surf will have you in absolute awe. It has to be one of the best-dressed boards on the market, yet still really affordable.

We love the brand’s commitment to the customer. Only founded in 2016 but offering a solid 24-month guarantee to make sure you can ride carefree and without worry.

Is this the next board to add to your quiver, or is this the perfect first all-around board for you?

Read on to find out more.


Length 11′
Width 32”
Thickness 6”
Weight 26 lbs
Weight Capacity 330 lbs

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Thurso Surf Waterwalker 10'6 inflatable standup paddleboardProbably at Thurso Surf they have thought: if you are going to build an inflatable stand up paddleboard, why not build the best looking piece on the market period.

Starting on the outside the wood effect is one of the best we have seen, why would you not want to paddle into the sunset on a piece of driftwood. Aesthetically this is one of the best designs we have come across. The large graphics are integrated and smooth.

The board has been built on a nylon drop stitch core. This combined with a double layer construction of military grade PVC ensures that your inflatable paddleboard will hold onto its air. Even under the most extreme circumstances.

Finished with a high-quality UV resistant coating to ensure your Thurso Surf SUP board will still look great, and not deteriorate even after extended use in the sunniest of conditions.

We have found this to be a really high-quality construction for a real all-around paddleboard.

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Thurso Surf Waterwalker 10'6 SUP - large deck pad on great paddleboardDeck Pad

The Thurso Surf Waterwalker 132 is well equipped with an ultra comfortable deeply grooved traction pad. An aesthetically pleasing black white and grey three-tone design is simple yet works well with the wood grain top deck effect.

The deep grooves combined with the textured foam provides great grip and support even when wet.

A soft feel to the deck pad allows plenty of comfort for all-day use and performance. 

D-rings + Bungee

Thurso Surf Waterwalker 10'6 iSUP - many D-rings and handles to carry paddleboardNine well positioned D-rings set up this paddleboard for a whole host of opportunities.

Starting in the middle of the SUP board are four D-rings, two on each side. These can be used to clip in a shoulder carrying strap or a universal kayak seat and backrest.

The kayak seat is a super addition to this package, giving you the option to take the weight off of your feet and to sit and relax a little. The backrest provides some much-needed comfort and support allowing you to experience two new sports, with just one new piece of sporting equipment.

Upfront on the nose of the board you will spot another four D-rings. These are already equipped with a super strong bungee cord. This is the ideal location to store any accessories whilst you are out on the water.

If you look behind you sitting on the tail is the ninth and final D-ring. This one is designed to secure your paddleboard leash. So when you take a tumble your board will stay close by, then you can easily climb back aboard before falling off again.


Thurso Surf Waterwalker 10'6 standup paddleboard - tri fin setup - toolless removable 2 side fins and 1 center finAn ingenious design incorporating a tri fin set up all with a completely toolless fitting system for full customization in any situation.

The three fins are interchangeable simply slotting and clipping in very quickly, this is ideal for storage and if you want to stack multiple SUP boards atop a roof rack.

Having this option means you can really set the paddleboard up no matter the conditions, or your riding preference.

Thurso Surf Waterwalker standup paddleboard - tri fin setup - toolless removable 2 side fins and 1 center fin

Whether you prefer extra grip or better tracking. You also have the option to really experiment with no fins, for ultra maneuverability. The Thurso Surf Waterwalker inflatable paddleboard is happy to comply with every demand.


Thurso Surf Waterwalker 10'6 blow up inflatable paddleboardInflating an inflatable stand up paddleboard can be the perfect warm up to any water-based experience. Taking about 6-8 minute depending on how fast you pump. The team at Thurso Surf recommend 12 – 15 PSI to be the ideal board pressure.

Once fully inflated the tough outer PVC and internal drop stitch core will hold the board super rigid and stiff.

In some cases, it can even be difficult to differentiate between a solid board and an inflatable standup paddleboard.

Deflating is another story, simply opening the valve cap and pressing the valve will release a sudden burst of air. Be careful not to scare yourself as it can be a little loud the first time but twist the valve to continue releasing air whilst you roll up the paddleboard for storage.

Inflating a SUP board can be made much easier by investing in an electric pump but then again where is the fun in that.

Overall Performance

Thurso Surf Waterwalker inflatable standup paddleboard - great looking and super paddling SUPWe are lucky to have had the opportunity to test and try out many of the newest inflatable standup paddleboards on the market.

The Waterwalker 11’ from Thurso Surf has a special place for us. A paddleboard that is both comfortable to paddle and really fun to use.

An All-Around paddleboard with plenty of performance. At 32” wide the board offers plenty of stability for the beginner SUP rider and plenty of features and accessories to keep the intermediate rider entertained for years to come.

We found the SUP board to be both agile and responsive. Underfoot the board was rigid and held its shape even when surfing small waves we didn’t experience any excess flex.

Using the multitude of fin options we were able to quickly and easily alter the board’s performance for any situation.

By using a single fin on the flat water we were able to track straight and true whereas by adding the two extra side fins we managed to gain better maneuverability and worked much better in windy and choppy conditions.

At 11’ length and 32″ wide, the Thurso Surf Waterwalker SUP certainly wasn’t the fastest paddleboard we have ever paddled, but it definitely held its own against other all-around standup paddleboards.

We feel this is because of the shape, it definitely feels a little more touring-esque. The shaped bow lifts and cuts easily through the water to propel you with ease.

More information and price - Paddle Pursuits



Thurso Surf Waterwalker paddleboard - light weight carbon fiber SUP paddleProbably the second most important aspect of the whole SUP package (after the board of course) has to be the SUP paddle.

For this is your means of propulsion, your method to move your stick of power and greatness.

At Thurso Surf they truly believe in comfort without compromise. Of course, it is a cheaper option to include a basic aluminum paddle with their package but that’s not nearly good enough for these guys.

Included in the Thurso Surf Waterwalker package is a beautiful carbon shafted 3-piece breakdown paddle. The carbon fiber paddle is super adjustable and packs down to fit neatly into the bag for easy transport and storage.

The carbon shaft offers a much lower swing weight meaning you can paddle longer and further with less fatigue than a much heavier paddle.


A coiled paddleboard leash is included as part of this amazing package upgraded from the straight paddle leash last year the coiled leash is more compact and less likely to snag on any debris in the water.

The comfortable neoprene ankle cuff includes a small stash pocket ideal for storing your car key once you are on the water. The leash then attaches neatly to the rear D-ring of the board keeping your front deck neat and tidy.

Thurso Surf Waterwalker paddleboard - dual action high pressure SUP pumpPump

The difference between using the inflatable paddleboard regularly and once or twice if ever can be the effort needed to inflate the board and get it ready to use on the water.

Luckily Thurso Surf has thought about this.

They have included a very good dual action pump, with an integrated pressure gauge and a simple switch to change between high volume and high-pressure modes.

Thurso Surf Waterwalker paddleboard - dual action high pressure SUP pump with pressure gaugeThe SUP pump offers the perfect combination to get your board inflated quickly and efficiently with as little effort as possible.

Many users recommend a 6-8 minute inflation time to get the board up to the recommended 15 PSI pressure.

Thurso Surf Waterwalker paddleboard - large backpack to carry the SUP paddle pumpBag

To transport your board and accessories your bag needs to be big enough to carry everything with ease.

The Waterwalker is supplied with Thurso Surfs standard board bag. This bag is large and comfortable to carry.

An integrated backpack and 4 large handles make the sack easy to take with you by any means.

Thurso Surf Waterwalker standup paddleboard - large backpack to carry the SUP paddle pumpThe bag also doubles as a means of storage, the ability to pack everything in one place so it is easy to grab at a moments notice and away you go. Throw in a spare set of swimming togs and a towel then your package really is complete and ready to go!

Repair Kit

Even though the board is super durable and strong, we all know accidents can happen. That is why each and every board is supplied with a basic repair kit.

Supplied with a couple of patches, brush for glue and a valve wrench. The repair kit is housed in a simple waterproof container, perfect also for any car keys whilst on the water.

Hand Grabs

Thurso Surf Waterwalker standup paddleboard - large deck pad and handles

Hand grabs are incorporated to aid lifting and handling of the board the newly added front hand grab is positioned on the nose of the board designed to aid launching and recovery.

The center handle is ideally positioned to carry the board to and from the water. Incorporated into this center handle is a neoprene sleeve, designed to hold your paddle whilst not in use. This is ideal for keeping your hands free when carrying or even fishing from your board.

Cooler bag

So along with all of the usual accessories, the ThursoSurf Water Walker has a little extra up its sleeve. Included with each paddleboard is an insulated cool bag. Capable of holding 10 cans it is large enough for all of your lunch. No matter if you prefer caviar or a simple ham and cheese sandwich.

The secondary mesh pocket is also a great place to store other small accessories. Just a warning, It is not completely waterproof, so we definitely recommend using an additional dry bag when taking a phone or camera with you on the water.

Next to the cooler bag, you get another handy extra: a waterproof phone case/pouch. Being on the water, it’s always tricky to take your phone with you. Even if you’re an expert SUP rider, there is always a chance of ending in the water… A waterproof phone case (lots of these are also separately available on Amazon) will – hopefully – prevent destroying your phone! And now you can make so many great photos while SUP boarding! Send us the best photos you have!


Thurso Surf Waterwalker 10'6 SUP - great package deal with carbon fiber paddle and dual action pumpThe 11’ Waterwalker 132 from Thurso Surf has definitely shown us what is possible from such a well-priced inflatable stand up paddleboard. It has set a new baseline of what we would be expecting from all other boards at this price point.

From its solid dual layer construction using military grade PVC materials, the board is strong and robust. The extremely durable fabric will take as much use and abuse you can throw at it.

The internal drop stitch core allows the board to really hold its pressure, forming a stiff, rigid and very stable platform offering minimal flex even for the biggest of riders.

Even down to the smallest of details, the addition of a carbon fiber shaft paddle or the amazing wooden print patterned deck the Waterwalker oozes quality right out of its box.

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If the 11′ version is too long for you, you might want to check out the 10’6″ version, the WaterWalker 126. And as we have noticed the 11’ is not the fastest of paddleboards so if you are looking for a board with supersonic (the hedgehog) speed rings take a look at the longer Expedition packages.

The Thurso Surf Waterwalker does everything you would expect and more. A super stable platform with amazing maneuverability to really give you an all-around paddleboard that is suitable all over the place!

So if you really want to walk on water and feel the waves lap at your feet then we highly recommend the Thurso Surf Waterwalker’s usability and performance to take you on your next adventure.


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