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Paddle Logger kayak SUP tracker app

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Paddle Logger kayak SUP tracker appAs you all know, we’re fanatic paddlers and love to be on the waters. Sometimes just for a bit of fun paddling and sometimes for endurance fitness training. We’ve been using several phone apps and GPS watches to keep track of our performance but recently we came across a new app, specially made for paddlers: Paddle Logger.

Of course we had to try this new app out and it’s really easy. No difficult setting up or inputting all your personal details. No, just download it and start using it!

David Walker from the UK has created the Paddle Logger app. He’s a SUP boarder so really knows what we want from the app. It needs to be simple and easy to use.

Paddle Logger kayak SUP tracker appSetting Up

Well, the Paddle Logger app is very simple and easy to use! You just start the app, click on the large Start button and the countdown of 2 minutes will start. During this time you’ll be able to put your phone in a waterproof phone case, get on your SUP board or in your kayak, and set off! So simple and easy!

For the start countdown timer it’s possible to change the start delay from 0 seconds to 5 minutes, with or without a start ’beep’ or ‘vibration’ signal. In this setup screen, you can also change from kilometers to miles. Simple and easy again!

Paddle Logger Features

Some of great features of the Paddle Logger app are that you can photos you take along the way which will be stored in a photo gallery, the map functionality to view map view or satellite view and the storing of the workout in different folders (like fitness, fun or anything else you want to name your workout folders).

Another feature of this app is that you can add markers to your workout. This will make you able to compare your performance during a part of the session or compare several laps you’re paddling. For each session you can add your personal notes as well.

Of course after completing your paddling session, you can share your logbook to your social media accounts (Facebook etc) or email it to your family or friends.

Paddle Logger kayak SUP tracker app Paddle Logger kayak SUP tracker app Paddle Logger kayak SUP tracker app Paddle Logger kayak SUP tracker app

Aquaglide Cascade 10' inflatable standup paddle boardTechnology & Performance

The technology behind the Paddle Logger app is the worldwide localization system by GPS (Global Positioning System) satellites. This is nowadays a standard technology on every smartphone and works so reliable on the Paddle Logger app. When I compare the track of the Paddle Logger app to my overly expensive Garmin Fenix 3 GPS watch, which sometimes has a very crappy GPS signal, I’m very much surprised and admire the Paddle Logger app even more!

Other tracking apps that use GPS technology on your smartphone limit the battery life dramatically. But the good thing of the Paddle Logger app is that it really does a great job of preserving the battery life and therefore paddle sessions of over 8 hours and more have been recorded.

After the latest Paddle Logger update, it’s also compatible to use it on an Apple iWatch 2 and it can record your heart rate during the workout as well. We’ve been informed that other features are planned for future app updates.

Paddle Logger ApparelApparel

Yes, you can buy some crazy cool looking Paddle Logger apparel now as well. Of course is the clothing made of organic and sustainable fabric, as any environmental responsible company should do nowadays! Have a look at the logo and style of the shirts and sweaters, awesome!


The absolute pros of the Paddle Logger app are for sure its simplicity and reliability. Next to the long battery life, photo gallery and the satellite map view makes this paddle tracker app a huge advantage over other more complicated and expensive tracker apps.


None! Great app!


The Paddle Logger app is a keeper! Forget about Runtastic, Runkeeper, Garmin and the other expensive apps, get Paddle Logger and keep it simple!

We’re going to use Paddle Logger on all our future paddling adventures and fitness workouts. Happy paddling!

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