The Harmful Effects of Ocean Pollution On Humans

Ocean Pollution Effects Humans

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The world’s ocean is a magnificent, abundant and diverse ecosystem. However, every day the ocean is coming under threat from natural and manmade pollution, which is bringing it to the point of disaster.

The ocean provides over 70% of the oxygen we breathe and over 97% of our planet’s water supply. Without it, we would not exist.

Plastic is the largest factor in ocean pollution, however it is not the most dangerous to marine life. Sewage in the form of animal and human waste is pumped into the ocean at an alarming rate and even though the thoughts are that it is organic, it can lead to decomposition of organic matter within the ocean, which can lead to changes within biodiversity.

Sewage may not destroy the oceans ecosystem, however it can drastically alter it and unfortunately affect the marine life associated. In addition, human and animal waste can be dangerous to people who enter these polluted waters.

If you would like to know more about ocean pollution and how it can affect marine life as well as mankind, take a look at the fascinating infographic below, created by the team at

How ocean pollution affects humans


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