Kayaking on The Hudson River: Everything You Need to Know

kayaking on the Hudson River

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New York’s Hudson River is truly historic and the location of many an exciting kayaking excursion. Known to many as the prime waterway for kayaking lovers, this magnificent river flows through New York and New Jersey and offers some of the most picturesque scenery, and natural beauty that all of the region has to offer.

Whether you are a novice beginner or experienced kayaker, you are sure to find kayaking on the Hudson River to be one of your most favored and well-remembered adventures. It’s a great place to brush up on your kayaking skills, take in the magnificent sun and waters, spend a quiet romantic afternoon with your partner, or just want to share adventures with family or friends. Kayaking the Hudson River is a perfect way to accomplish each of these simple pleasures.

Some Important Facts About the Hudson River

The Hudson River extends 315 miles down the entire length of New York state. Known as “America’s First River,” the Hudson presents with a great deal of history. The River flows through all of eastern New York into the Atlantic Ocean by way of the New York Harbor and flows through New Jersey as well.

kayaking on the Hudson review

Everything You Need to Know About Kayaking on The Hudson River

Once you have decided that kayaking the Hudson River is your destination, it will be useful to research all the towns and docks that line the Hudson River in your efforts to determine exactly the route you would like to kayak. In addition, you should obtain a full map of the River itself with all the specifics and details you need to acquaint yourself with in advance of your kayaking excursion. Each of the abundant cities and towns that line the banks of the Hudson River truly offer their own individual unique experiences.

You can choose to kayak the river in New York City and afford yourself a true urban excursion, or kayak north toward Cornwall to embrace a more rural experience boasting with serene wooded areas. You can take in all the breathtaking views of the landscape surrounding the Bannerman’s Castle that was erected in the 19th century. In addition, kayakers can paddle below West Point to the infamous “Great Chain” that runs across the Hudson River and was specifically constructed to ward off British ships that sailed during the Revolutionary War.

Kayaking on the Hudson River
Bannerman’s Castle

If your goal is to engage in a historic narrated tour of the Hudson and wish to engage in a more detailed exploration of the river, there are numerous sightseeing companies that can offer you the adventure and thrill of an afternoon tour with complete historic narration. These companies and their highly skilled guides offer kayakers all the comfort and confidence they need as they enjoy the splendor of the powerful and mighty Hudson River.

These very safe guides can advise you with regard to the best locations to travel and explore should you decide you prefer to enjoy the adventure alone or with travel companions, without the presence of a kayaking guide.

A final important detail you should give close attention to is the kayak you will use to explore this magnificent River. It is important to remember that since you are looking to cover a great deal of distance during your Hudson River adventure, and you want to be able to do that effectively and safely, the use of a longer, bigger kayak is recommended for this type of kayak experience.

Of course, the kayak equipped with a hatch where you can store your personal belongings as you venture, is always a benefit for your exciting day of kayaking.


Summertime affords enthusiastic kayakers on the Hudson River opportunities to explore the abundant preserved architecture along the river’s edges, and the historic beauty this magnificent River offers as you venture along the waters from town to town. As you kayak down the river, you will find yourself surrounded by some of the most magnificent natural beauty that will mesmerize you as you travel the flowing waters of the Hudson.

Nature lovers and historians alike, are all frequent kayakers of the River, and embark on repeat journeys time after time embracing the nature and beauty of this magnificent historic River.






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