A Guide to Kayaking in San Diego

kayaking in san diego

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San Diego has much to offer in the line of attractions, landmarks, activities, and history but there is none so refreshing and rewarding as the abundant kayaking excursions this city offers. For the adventurous, and even the romantic couples in search of that inspiring heartfelt, yet natural adventure, San Diego delights with a variety of kayaking tours and adventures that are sure to satisfy both your adventurous and romantic side.

A Guide to Kayaking in San Diego – Popular Adventures

For the romantic couple looking for the memorable adventure of cruising the water and taking in breathtaking sights, the ever-popular Night Fireworks Kayak Tour is exactly the experience that will deliver all the romance and adventure you are in search of, and all in the same single experience.

Kayaking the peaceful tranquil waters of Mission Bay in the still of the night, with a sunset background, and the evening sounds serenading your ears, is a sure fire way of embracing your love and romance while still beholding all the beauty nature has to afford. As you continue your skillful art of cruising the waters, and absorbing the beauty that surrounds you, you can celebrate the thrilling and dazzling Sea World fireworks that are routinely displayed over the brilliant water’s surface. This magnificent kayaking excursion offers once-in-a-lifetime emotions and memories that you and your partner will share and cherish for always.

For the kayaker that is simply in search of the overall thrill and adventure of the sometimes challenging waters, and the exploration of natural sceneries and marine life, there is the ever-popular kayak tour of the Seven Caves and La Jolla’s Underwater Park. This spectacular excursion of combined kayaking and snorkeling, offers participants the opportunity to explore and take in all the magnificent Pacific Coast scenery and the truly amazing marine life.

The underwater park boasts with some of the most beautiful Dolphin, Leopard Sharks, Sea Lions, and Garibaldi known to man, and is sure to leave you breathless as you come face to face with these exquisite creatures. Guides offer you the most exciting stories of La Jolla’s history and delight in sharing all the abundant beauty and natural surroundings of the massive waterways and coastline.

If you are simply wanting to satisfy the natural country you, then perhaps an early morning kayak ride to the extraordinary sea cliffs, the mysterious Seven Caves, and the ongoing wooded areas and forests offering the utmost in serenity and tranquility, following by a delightful brunch at the popular Piatti Restaurant is just what you are looking for.

Whether setting out on your own or sharing the early morning hours with family or friends, these Paddle Brunch tours will truly provide extreme pleasure and relaxation for all the kayakers in your party. There is nothing quite as breathtaking as cruising the still waters, with a spectacular sunrise present and breathing in the pure fresh air surrounds you. What a magnificent way to start the day.

Popular San Diego Kayaking Sites

The kayaking points and locations in San Diego are many. With some offering more in the line of overall thrill and adventure, and others focusing primarily on nature and the tranquil waters, there is certainly a perfect location for kayakers of every level in this magnificent city. Some of the other popular kayaking sites that you may want to research, and can surely reach out to the San Diego Kayak Club for launching information and conditions include the following:

1. San Onofre State Beach;

2. Otay Lakes;

3. Lake Hodges;

4. Oceanside Harbor;

6. Coronado Cays;

7. La Jolla Shores; and

8. San Diego Bay.

Final Thoughts

Kayaking is by far one of the most peaceful and rewarding sports known to man today. Choosing the perfect destination to experience all your kayaking goals and dreams can be every bit as rewarding as kayaking itself. In a world so filled with beautiful bodies of water, and abundant nature, is it any wonder that kayaking enthusiasts seek to embrace as many of the picturesque locations as is possible in a single season. Truly, floating peacefully atop a beautiful body of water, surrounded by magnificence and the very essence of nature, is a tribute to the miraculous world we live in.

Whatever your personal preference may be, whatever level of adventure, thrill, or romance you are in search of, and whatever time of day and special elements you long to embrace, kayaking in San Diego, along its many bodies of water and by way of its many diverse tours, is the perfect destination for you.







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