5 Best Places to Go Kayaking in Key West

kayaking in key west

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Key West is one of the most impressive spots in the country for kayaking. This is a unique spot that offers plenty of opportunities for kayaking. Here are a few of the top places around the region to check out while looking for spots for kayaking in Key West.

Let’s Check Out the Best Places to Go Kayaking in Key West

Southernmost Point

The southernmost point in Key West is a popular kayaking spot. Paddling around the southernmost point is exciting as it lets people get around one of the more interesting spots in the country. The calm waters in the area and the classic styles of the buildings around the region are popular spots for people to check out.

The South Beach shore is also found around the southernmost point. This space has a few interesting spots that are relaxing and offer some fine beach spots to check out. This could really provide people with some real fun for having an enjoyable spot.

Smathers Beach

kayaking in key west
Photo courtesy of tripadvisor.com

Smathers Beach is a popular spot in the region that is around the southern end of the area and offers a few appealing beaches to kayak around. The area is popular for being relaxing and unique.

Smathers Beach is only about half a mile long but it is a relaxing spot with plenty of coconut trees. It also offers plenty of wide-open beaches that you can embark from while enjoying a bit of a relaxing time out here.

People can particularly travel around the White Street Fishing Pier while kayaking in the region. This is a fine spot that has a number of attractive and scenic looks. This place is noteworthy for offering some attractive tones and features that all people will enjoy traveling around when finding things to do.

Saddlebunch Keys

keyaking in key west
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The Saddlebunch Keys are a few miles east of the central part of Key West. These feature a number of small island spots to paddle around and more than enough relaxing forests to go around. You can even kayak around the nearby town of Bay Point.

The keys are filled with mangrove patches and unique shores that are mostly uninhabited. This will create a comfortable space that is fun to be around and will give you plenty of ways to enjoy life and have more fun.

Fleming Key

Photo courtesy of tripadvisor.com
Photo courtesy of tripadvisor.com

Fleming Key is a spot on the northwestern end of the region. This spot has been noteworthy for having an Army training center for underwater operations. There are many spots in the region that offer opportunities for kayaking.

People looking to go out and kayak around the region can find different spots for fishing excursions. Fleming Key is noted for being a good spot for fishing with calm and warm waters that will bring in an extended variety of appealing fish that call the area home.

Some travels around Fleming Key will go around the Garrison Bight Channel. This is on the top end of the island and features a few smaller islands not too far from the main region. This is a fun spot for travel that is unique and attractive for kayakers as it is not all that crowded.


kayaking in key west
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The Marathon region of Key West is located in the middle part of the area. This spot is home to plenty of attractive marinas and launching sites that offer some unique spaces that are attractive and unique. They include many launching sites for all to check out while kayaking all around the entire region.

The Marathon area is a popular site that is unique and offers a series of attractive rowing spots around US 1 that include plenty of shady spots and cool waters. Various islands around Boot Key are especially noteworthy as well as a few wildlife regions that are attractive and fun to try out.

Check out these appealing spots if you are looking for ways to enjoy travel around Key West by kayak. Kayaking is fun to check out in Key West thanks to the many appealing things that are all around the region. The unique nature of Key West will especially be a thrilling point that makes it attractive.







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