Kayak Fishing Tips: 8 Must Know Tips for Every Angler

kayak fishing tips

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Kayak fishing is fun but it will be even better for you to think about what you can do to make it more successful as you can get more fish. Here are a few important tips that you need to consider when getting your kayak fishing experience to work out perfectly.

Kayak Fishing Tips

Keep Yourself Upright

It is easy for your body to physically impact the way how your kayak will move in the water. With that in mind, you have to keep yourself upright at all times to ensure that you will keep a steady balance. Keep your head centered over the main body of the kayak so you won’t be at risk of falling out or tilting.

Buying a good fishing kayak purposely designed for anglers will also help with balance. Kayaks that are a minimum of 600mm wide will be steady enough for most freshwater species, and will also allow you to stand up and cast if you wish.

Watch for where your head goes as you are rowing. The direction that your head is facing will typically be the direction that your kayak is going to head into. Be careful with this in mind so you will keep a steady rowing motion going.

Use Enough Line

You must have enough line in your fishing trip to get to some of the tightest spots in the water. You need a rod’s length of line to make it through. It can be tough to keep fishing properly if you have too much line to work with.

You do not want to be stuck in the water with too much line that is hard to manage. You can always work with the slack line in your setup if necessary so you can keep yourself protected and under control at all times.

Look For Lures That are Appropriate

Make sure the lures you use are checked as carefully as possible. Look for lures that your target fish might find to be tasty. Also, anything that your fish could be easily annoyed by can be used as lures to target anyone who is interested. You must be careful when making them ready for your fishing needs.

Keep Your Paddle Steady

Your paddle must always be in your lap. This is to allow you to move quickly while keeping your kayak balanced. This is also to allow you to hold onto the rod on one hand. Check to see that the paddle is properly balanced as well so you’ll have more control over whatever you are using at a given time.

Add a GPS

A good GPS can be used while fishing on a kayak. A GPS device can help you take a look at the location you are at while ensuring that you are not at risk of falling apart. Be sure to configure it properly and that you keep your settings arranged to where it will be easier for you to keep your controls in check.

Consider Drifting

Drifting is a great activity worth trying out. Drifting occurs when you move by a short distance without paddling. This is to keep the wind moving in accordance with the wind condition. You can use a simple backward thrust on either side of your kayak to keep it moving.

Watch How You Fish Upwind

It might be a challenge to fish while moving upwind but you have to simply get into a comfortable space that will not move by too much. You can get into a shoreline bank to create a small anchor for your kayak if necessary.

Dress Like You’re Swimming

This sounds like a rather simple tip but you need to be careful when getting the right outfit on when going out to the water. You have to dress up as if you were about to take a swim. That is, you have to dress as though you could fall out of the kayak at any given moment.

This sounds unusual but it is about more than just your general safety. It is also about keeping the weight that you impose on the kayak from being too strong. Wear plenty of protective clothing but don’t go overboard to where you might have far too much on your body at a given time.

A dry suit can work quite well. You can even wear waders if needed to give yourself a little more support as you are in the water.

You must be certain that you understand what you do when fishing from a kayak. You have to be careful so you’ll have an easier time with fishing while also finding the best possible fish. Besides, there is no telling just what you can get out of the fishing experience that you get yourself into while out here.






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