How Do Fish Finders Work?

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Fish finders are an excellent resource to use while fishing. They can be expensive, but they often end up paying for themselves. The price of fish continues to increase, especially specialty fish. However, the amount of fish you will likely catch with your fish finder will end up paying for the few hundred dollars you pay for a fish finder.

A fish finder consists of two main pieces of hardware: a main unit with a display (sort of like a little computer) that allows you to see what is below the water, and a transducer which is a rod that is mounted on the hull, connects to the display unit, and has a sensor under water.

The transducer is essentially a way to send sonar waves into the water. When the waves hit an object it relays that information back to the main unit, and it displays on the screen. This is beneficial for a few reasons. First, it helps with safety, it allows you to navigate where rocks, logs, and other obstructions may be. Also, it shows you where the fish are. Depending on how quality your fish finder is, it can also differentiate the different types of fish. That way, if you’re looking for a specific type of fish, you can go into areas where that type of fish is prevalent.

What the screen on a fish finder typically looks like

There are several functions of fish finders usually, depending on the type of fish finder and how advanced the fish finder is. A lot of fish finders come with GPS or chartplotters, some even allow you to set waypoints so you can remember where the excellent fishing spots are.

We always make the joke that anglers often feel they have a sixth-sense when it comes to fishing, and they’re able to determine where the best fishing is. We’re in no position to deny the authenticity of such a claim, however, we do acknowledge that not all of us have that sense. Some of us need the aid of a fish finder. If you’re able to swallow your pride and use one, we feel you wont be disappointed. They’re an incredible invention, and they help a ton if you allow it to.

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