Best Ice Fishing Fishfinder: Gearing Up for Winter!

Ice Fishing
Man ice fishing on a frozen Canadian lake.

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A fishfinder is a tool you can use to find fish. Sounds simple, right? They use sonar (echolocation) to send sounds into the water and detect whether or not there is something near your boat. Thanks to technological advances, many of these fishfinders have clearer images, and they come in either color or greyscale displays. Some even classify fish with different sized icons, or let you know if there’s debris under your boat. Fishfinders also come in various frequencies, and some are better for saltwater, while others are better for freshwater fishing.

Fishing on ice presents a different challenge, since many models aren’t suitable for cold weather. If you’re a fan of ice-fishing (or simply do it because you have no other choice thanks to the weather in your area), it’s best to purchase a fishfinder made especially for ice fishing. These will be made out of materials that are more suited to the cold weather, which can wreak havoc on ordinary fishfinder models.

Unlike other fishfinders, ice fishing fishfinders usually have a color code system to help you know what’s under your boat. You can also use models that use 2D sonar technology. These are older technologies than what you would use in other fishfinders, but they’re the only kind that will work in low temperatures. Take note: although you can carry a bigger fish finder on a bigger boat, it’s a good idea to have a smaller fish finder, since carrying heavy things in the snow can be a drag!

Cone size is important in ice fishing because you stay in one area. It’s important to use a wide beam so you know what’s around you as well as whats below you.

Our Recommendations for the Best Ice Fishing Fishfinder!

Vexilar FL-8se

best ice fishing fishfinderThis features 3 colors and LED technology that helps make sure the colors are noticed by you and your crew. It can also read six depths, which is great for fishing year-round.

It’s also in a water-proof case and is compatible with other Vexilar accessories, so you don’t have to worry about what to do with old accessories you may have laying around. It’s a tough fishfinder.

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Humminbird ICE-45

Best ice fishing fish finderThis model includes both 2D sonar, and a three color flashing system. Not many models can say they include that. It can also work in water that’s up to 200 feet deep.

You can even zoom into certain images, and it instantly transmits results using the LED system. The colors are also clear in both dark and sunny conditions.

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Marcum LX-7 Ice Fishing Sonar System

best ice fishing fish finderYou can choose from one of four color palettes with this device, which is great for those who may have visual disorders that impair them from seeing certain colors. It has LCD sonar and the display shows interference rejection, range, gain, and can also detect fish with precision, even if you’re in frozen water.

You can also see a wide-screen display, and the model comes with vertical zoom.

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MarCum Dual Beam True Color Sonar Flasher System LX-5

using fish finder for ice fishingThis model can let you view just about everything under your boat: fish, lure, vegetation, and the bottom of wherever you’re fishing.

Switching between 18° and 20° cone angles is quite easy with this fishfinder and it features interference rejection (IR), which helps drown out the sonar noises of other boat’s fishfinders. It has a color display and an easy to use zoom function.

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Vexilar GP1212 FL-12 Genz Pack Ice Flasher

portable fish finders for ice fishingThis model includes an ice flashing system and its base can fit atop a 5 gallon ice bucket. The blue box is also nearly indestructible, and is quite reliable in ice fishing journeys.

Though it doesn’t include sonar, it’s a great deal for its cost and its flash system is reliable, it can also hold various types of transducers.

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