Best Bass Lure: A Buyer’s Guide

best bass lure

Bass lures are important to have when fishing but not every one works for every single fish. The best bass lures are ones that are appropriate for the fish you are looking for and the conditions you are in. You must be very careful when choosing the right bass fishing lures.

Understand the Basics

You must understand how different bass lures work when buying them for your fishing needs. Crankbaits are among the most popular choices to use, for instance. A crankbait lure will move over a larger body of water in little time. This can be used in vegetation and in shallow water conditions. This type of bait traditionally has a solid one-piece body with a few hooks attached to it.

Meanwhile, a spinner bait is a blade-shaped choice that can move through the thickest covers and can be brought back in very quickly. The spinner base allows the fish to move around quickly while staying in one place. It gives off the impression that the lure is moving. This is great for cases where it’s windy out or there are plenty of rocks or vegetation in the spot you’re fishing in.

A top-water lure has a combination appearance that features a mix of both a solid body and a small protruding end that may be flexible. This is ideal for shallow conditions but it can also work around lily pads and other spots where vegetation is covering the water.

A jig may also be added to your lure collection. This has a series of strands that will flow around the water and are light in weight. The jig is soft and can let off a shine in some cases.

What About the Appearance?

The appearance of a bass lure can make a difference. In some cases the bass lure can have a vibrant shine. In other cases it might just have a small silver tone with a slight color on one end to create a realistic look. Either way, the design must be realistic in some manner.

The shine is actually going to be more important. This is to allow the lure to become visible and easier to for a fish to find. This is especially great for when you’re in shallow waters and there is still plenty of light around the water so the fish can actually see what you have in the water.

How About the Size?

The size of a typical bass lure isn’t all that great but it will be large enough to at least be noticed by a fish. A typical bass lure can be about a quarter of an ounce in weight, thus making it easily influenced by the water it moves around in.

The length of a bass lure is about 5 to 15 cm on average. One that has a series of strings on it may be a little longer in length. Some of the largest options might be closer to two inches long but this is primarily for wide open spots where the fish might be a little further off from your line.

Keeping a good bass lure intact can be critical to your fishing success. There are many things you can do to get a bass lure that fits in with your demands when you are trying to find fish that you’ll love looking for and to potentially get the best possible catch while out on the water.

Best Bass Lure: A Buyer's Guide

wLure 5 Hollow Body Topwater FG43K

best bass lure

This wLure set of five lures is designed with some frog-like bodies in mind. These are 2.5 inches in length and are 3/8 of an ounce in weight.

The lures have soft skin features and are designed with detailed bodies in mind. A weedless hook is also used to make it easier for you to link this onto your line.

The plastic body can wear out from the beatings it can take in the water but it still has a soft body that creates a great grip for a fish to get onto. Also, the eyes are stickers are may fall off easily, thus potentially keeping the lure from looking realistic.

The sticker may also become a choking hazard to the fish, thus keeping you from being able to actually catch it. This set of five lures even comes with its own tackle box with a series of small storage spots.

Rapala Rattling 05 Fishing Lure

best fishing lure

Rapala has a number of different fishing lure options to choose from with the Rattling option being one of the best choices around.

This is a long-casting lure that is balanced and has two different hook spots. It has a pointed body that can quickly sink into the water.

A rattle chamber is used on the inside of the lure. This allows the lure to make a small sound that a fish will quickly respond to. When used right, it creates a sound frequency that is similar to what normal fish make, thus bringing in a target fish towards the lure.

This is carefully made to be easy to move into the water. However, the metal body on the lure may dent if it gets into too deep of a spot and should be reviewed properly to give you a better control over how you’re sending something into the water.

Rose Kuli 6 Jointed Lure Bass Bait

Rose Kuli made this 3.8-inch bass lure with a six-jointed body. These joints are organized with a series of even-moving supports that will allow the fish to move around the water quite well.

It especially recreates the appearance of a bait fish to create a beautiful appearance that is unique and attractive. The fish especially as three-dimensional eyes that add a small bit of detail to this as well to create a more attractive look.

There are two treble hooks and a flexibility hinge on this bass bait. This works to move in many water conditions although you will have to get this adjusted carefully to ensure that you can get this moving into the water just fine.

This is only about 0.3 ounces in size, thus ensuring that the flexible jointed body will keep on looking great to be as attractive as possible for when you are going after a fish.

South Bend Lunker Bass Spinner Kit

South Bend Lunker Bass Spinner Kit

Bass spinners are available in many forms with some of them featuring feather-like tassels on them. This set of spinners from South Bend is designed with bass fish in mind.

The lures in various colors that are available here include bodies that are about an inch in length on each end. The spoons on these lures are made with dressed treble hooks and have monofilament lines to keep them intact.

When used right, this will create a fine appearance that you will enjoy sporting on your lure.

This is useful on most lines and will move through the water quite well. However, you have to make sure this is cleaned off properly and that the hook is easily visible. The hook tends to dangle quite a bit while making this work. This can be tough in some cases but it can be useful if you are careful with this model.​

Dynamic Lures Bass and Trout Fishing Lure

Dynamic Lures Trout Fishing Lure

Dynamic Lures has a bright yellow lure that is perfect for bass fishing although it can also be used for trout fishing. That uses a BB chamber that creates a rattling noise on the inside.

This in turn allows the lure to make a sound that suggests that it is moving quickly and carefully. There are also two treble hooks on this with one at the end and another near the front.

The yellow body has a good texture while a three-dimensional eye set is used. This lure also tends to take a while to sink into the water, thus making it a better choice for shallow water conditions.

A low profile is also included here although the profile is rather small and is not always visible in some of the deepest conditions. Be sure to choose this lure if you plan on going into a shallow spot with plenty of light in the area.

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