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Casey Fiedler

I’m Casey Fiedler, outdoor educator, adventure education administrator, writer, and ski instructor. I like to listen to punk rock and sometimes start businesses. When I go into the backcountry I usually carry less than 10 pounds of gear. If you’ve enjoyed my writing, I’d love to hear from you on where I write about teaching and guiding in the backcountry.
A canoe trip fuelled by baked beans

Why Baked Beans Don’t Belong on Your Next Paddling Trip

We all have tales of paddling trips that went horribly wrong, or where we grossly miscalculated the work involved. What follows, is one such tale.
White Water Kayaker

What’s the Best Whitewater Kayak for Beginners?

Getting started whitewater kayaking is a serious endeavor. We explain the ins and outs of these specialist boats and then review a few popular models.

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