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SUP boarding and kayaking are the two passions of Len. Open water, lakes and rivers are the playing terrain to try out new boards and kayaks or just to have fun. You can find him traveling all over the world and wherever there is water, he will do some paddling. Besides having lots of fun, Len is also writing for Paddle Pursuits!
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5 things to think about before buying a kayak paddle

The first time buying a kayak is overwhelming enough without also then having to think about the kayak paddle. It’s a common mistake to think...
Paddle Logger kayak SUP tracker app

Paddle Logger smartphone app

As you all know, we’re fanatic paddlers and love to be on the waters. Sometimes just for a bit of fun paddling and sometimes...
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6 Tips for Kayaking While On Holiday

How adventurous are you? Do you like the sound of a 5-day expedition exploring far-flung waterways in your kayak? How about circumnavigating exotic islands...